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We're putting professional content in context.

Most people use Hashdoc to find inspiration for a work related task, learn from similar cases or find a ready to use templates. What we're building is a new kind of professional freebase and a marketplace that makes finding work-related resources easier and more meaningful.

Consultants use it to find resources that help them with their project deliverables. Consultants can also share their work to demonstrate topic expertise, generate leads and build online influence.

Organizations, whether they're in the consulting business or not, can share infographics, white papers, use cases and other document types as a way for indirect marketing, lead generation and thought leadership.

Our growing community of subject matter experts and the platform we're building help you find relevant business documentation, project deliverables, templates, presentations, white-papers, forms and more, all rated and improved by like-minded people.

Hashdoc's mission is to liberate, surface and put free and useful workplace knowledge in context, to give credit where it's due and to encourage payments for resources that deserve it.

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