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        Financial Ratios Analysis Templates
        Financial Ratios Analysis Templates
        Financial Ratios Analysis Templates
        Financial Ratios Analysis Templates

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        Financial Ratios Analysis Templates


        This Excel spreadsheet takes information from the profit & loss statement and the balance sheet to calculate your company's key financial ratios. Developing a tool to help analyze the financial performance of the company not only helps to identify those areas of the business requiring corrective action but it can also help a company measure its performance relative to its competitors using publicly available information. This tool looks at revenue,cost of goods sold, operating expenses and more.

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        Isabella Kelly over 2 years ago

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        Sophia Murphy over 2 years ago

        I think this is one of the best spreadsheets available for financial ratios analysis. Great job, thank you!

        Eugene Howard over 2 years ago

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        Eric Diaz over 2 years ago

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        Roman Thompson over 2 years ago

        Great doc. A lot of usefull information in it!


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