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Price Modelling and Break Even Analysis Model

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If you want the highest return for your investments, it is important to use the price modelling and break even analysis model. This template from Microsoft Excel is one of the most helpful tools on the market today. These are the types of analysis that can not only save read more

Break Even Point Modelling

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Starting a business can be stressful because one invests a lot of money and time into the company. Every businessman looks for the time he or she breaks even. Using an excel template, one can use a model to project when the point the company will break even. Break ev read more

Work Breakdown Structure Template

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Use this Work Breakdown Structure to strategically break down your upcoming projects into manageable tasks.

Breakeven Calculator Excel Worksheet

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Use this Breakeven Calculator Excel Worksheet to track your break-even point for your business. There are columns for your cost description, fixed expenses, and variable expenses.

Breakeven Interactive Analysis

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Here is a new toy you might like. Both Charts change as you alter key parameters with spinners. Put in your numbers and watch the action.

Breakeven Analysis Workbook


Calculate your breakeven with this stand-alone Excel 95 worksheet.

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