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KISS: Debt Version Sample

Template, Sample
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Which includes an interest rate and a maturity feature.

How to choose the best Accounting Software for your business?


There are many Accounting softwares in the market today which targets different business types. This presentation will help you to select the best accounting software that will match your business needs. For more information, visit http://accede.com.au/accounting-softwa read more

Integrated Compliance Always Audit Ready

White Paper
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A SumTotal paper on the benefits of being audit ready.

Biodiversity and National Accounting

Report, Research Paper

Biodiversity, a property of natural areas, provides a range of benefits to the economy including bioprospecting rents, knowledge and insurance, ecotourism fees, and ecosystem services Many of these values can be broken out in the System of National Accounts, leading to read more

Resource Discoveries Learning and National Income Accounting

Report, Research Paper

Questions about the ultimate size of mineral and energy resource endowments and the degree of fiscal prudence which should be exercised by countries engaged in resource extraction have become central for many developing countries during the recent resource boom. To expl read more

Salary Slip

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One of the most helpful templates available is one that deals with payroll. When it comes to payroll templates, one of the best is salary slip. With salary slip, you will have a template that gives out detailed information about employees and their pay schedule. With a read more

Accounting Contract

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An accounting contract agreement or also known as a Bookkeeping Contract is used when a Client is using an Accountant or Accounting firm to conduct Accounting Services for the Client. The Accounting Services Contract will stipulate all the terms and conditions of the li read more

Closing Process Checklist

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Use this accounting close process checklist to keep track of your daily closing processes. This closing process template is helpful when you need to track your activities for your accounting staff.

Accounting Book Closing Checklist

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It is that time of the year again, the time for your business’s books to be closed for the previous year. Now how can you make sure that you have completed every step for properly closing the books? The use of a checklist can help you keep track of every step so that bo read more

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