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PM 586 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Internal and External Environmental Evaluation Presentation/ snaptutorial.com

Case Study

For more classes visit www.snaptutorial.com Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi® presentation on the quality-improvement plan for the organization chosen by the Learning Team for the Influencing and Controlling the Project assignment.


PM 586 Final Exam Guide/ snaptutorial.com

Case Study

For more classes visit www.snaptutorial.com 1. In a strong matrix structure, employees take daily direction from: 2. If the schedule variance is positive and the cost variance is negative, the project’s status is: 3. Which category of projects would involve a large read more


PM 586 Week 3 Individual Assignment Project Plan Part 2 (1800-FLOWERS.COM)/ pm586dotcom


For more course tutorials visit www.pm586.com Continue developing the comprehensive project proposal outline. Develop the project budget for your project proposal. Include the following: Identify available resources (consider subcontractors) Create a labor budget Cr read more

Quality Approaches

Quality Approaches

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PMP exam requires you to be familiar with quality approaches for continuous improvement. These slide gives you overview on quality proprietary and non propriety approaches with brief information that is needed from exam point of view.

Gantt Chart for Excel Web App – SkyDrive

Gantt Chart for Excel Web App – SkyDrive

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Back now? Ok, now that you have hopefully played around a bit with my Excel Web App version of my popular Gantt Chart I wanted to give you some detail around it. I’ve taken my original Dynamic Gantt Chart for Excel and tailored it so it is web friendly, this way you can read more


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